Sunday, October 18, 2015

So It Begins...

I made a short trip to Birmingham area to track down two Trumpeter Swans that a friend of mine reported seeing. I'm pretty sure they're captive birds, but there's a slight chance they aren't,  as he's never seen them in this location before. Here's a photo of one:

But, that's not terribly important. What is important is what the eBird rare bird alert said when I returned home. Two Common Loons were found at the lake by a birder I am acquainted with (and is a reliable source). Go figure my first day not checking the causeway would result in one being seen.

And so it begins..... I will be out bright and early in the mornings to find Loons and track their movements. Last year, my first Loon sighting was on October 23rd (two birds). It didn't take long for those counts to rise in number.

I'm so excited to get back into my Loon research. I have missed these birds so much!

So, I'll be stationed at the causeway, D600+500mm lens in hand, to capture photos, record behaviors, and take notes on counts. This is why I love winter in Alabama.


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